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Little Pickles is a small nursery designed and managed by Katie Holmes an experienced, creative teacher qualified in Early Years. She became a Specialist Leader in Education for Early Years in 2011 which gave her the capacity to develop and improve leadership and practice in many schools.


At least 40 schools have visited her excellent classroom and outdoor learning environment. After 11 years of teaching and advising other schools in Early Years learning Katie decided to start her own nursery school.  Katie says: "The heart of our approach is to make learning fun and enjoyable and as real as possible even if that does mean transforming learning spaces into space launch pads, dinosaur lands even dressing up in adult sized costumes. We will go that extra mile! After all, the more involved the children, the better they progress at their own pace."

If you want your child to be happy, safe, develop a love for learning, be ready for school and enjoy coming to nursery this is the one for you.

Katie and Rebecca.png

Katie with Deputy Manager Rebecca

Our ethos is inspired by:

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