Special Educational Needs


At Little Pickles Nursery we believe that each child is unique with different gifts and talents and a different rate of growth and development.  All children will be encouraged to reach their full potential through individual planning based on the their interests and next steps, with regular assessment on progress.


The nursery has a Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Rebecca Taylor, who meets regularly with all staff to discuss individual children and ensure that all appropriate support is in place.


We value all our children and in partnership with our parents, aim to ensure full and equal access to every aspect of learning.

Many children’s needs can be met through differentiated activities, small group work or individual support.


If children present complex needs or fail to make progress, we refer them to our Local Inclusion Forum panel (LIFT) to access further expertise through the full range of professional agencies. A few children have their needs set out in an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) drawn up by the Local Authority. 

Parents are fully consulted at all stages and are considered joint partners in their child’s learning.



We welcome any opportunity to work together with families to support our children. Please feel free to contact us by telephone on 01580 765196 or email admin@littlepicklesnursery.com


Here to help you are;

  • Mrs Rebecca Taylor: SENCO

  • Your child’s keyperson