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Our Nursery Values


At Little Pickles, we believe children need and deserve a foundation rich with:-


A sense of belonging:  We are all valued and feel part of the ‘Little Pickles’ family’. We believe in ourselves and grow in confidence.


Happiness and well-being: We show kindness to each other and feel cared for.


Engagement: We are involved, responsive and interested.


Challenges: We test ourselves and those around us, taking safe risks within our environment.


Curiosity and imagination: We have a desire to learn, play and explore and are developing a sense of wonder and awe.


Respect: We promote a culture of tolerance, inclusion, diversity, equality, fairness and opportunity.


Communication: We learn to communicate and build meaningful relationships with our friends and nursery staff.


Integrity: We are committed to being open and honest with each other, with parents and our team, building trust and accountability within the nursery.


Aspiration: We firmly believe in working hard and aiming high; we have high expectations of ourselves and the children.


Love: We foster genuine love for the children in our care. Actions speak louder than words and this is demonstrated in all the little things we do; a big smiley welcome when a child comes into nursery, a hug when they are not feeling themselves or simply taking time to listen.

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