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We opened our nursery in Tenterden, located in the heart of the Kent countryside on the 3rd September 2018.

Our purpose-built nursery comprises of spacious rooms designed to provide our children with areas in which to play, rest and enjoy mealtimes. We pride ourselves on how homely and  comfortable our environment is. It has been thoughtfully resourced with the  children’s interests and Early Years Curriculum in mind. We plan for open-ended activities to optimise the potential for imaginative play and problem solving and critical thinking.


All children have access to a beautiful garden, which is carefully resourced to cater for every age group’s needs. From our garden we access open countryside where we walk, run and explore the changing seasons and the natural world.  


We have the added bonus of having a dedicated woodland learning environment known as ‘Camp Pickles.’ Where children learn risk taking, resilience and perseverance. This is an ideal environment for the children to develop their gross motor skills, using their whole bodies to climb, to crawl to swing and to scramble. At Camp Pickles we develop our sense of curiosity, awe and wonder.

We Welcome babies and children from 3 months to 5 years. From day one your child's happiness and wellbeing will be our priority. We will be entirely focussed on ensuring you and your child are supported, and that your family  become part of the Little Pickles' family. Communication and language development underpins everything we do here at Little Pickles.


We have a qualified and experienced team, led by an Early Years qualified teacher (QTS). Staff are aware of the developmental stage of each child in terms of language development; modelling and scaffolding language through their sensitive interactions with the children. We endeavour to enable the children in our care to become confident communicators.

Story time, songs and rhymes play a vital role in this process and are a daily feature of our provision. Our nursery really could be the perfect place for your child to flourish and grow.

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